User’s guide of MRT software and HDD repair materials

MRT software is becoming more and more powerful, there are more and more new users have joined MRT big family. In order to facilitate users’ usage and operation, we have been constantly improving manuals and related hard drive repair materials. Aiming to help users easily find these manuals and materials, to help users enhance professional skills, we have specially produced this index page. This index will be continuously updated, thanks for your long-term support to MRT!

Part One: MRT basic tutorials(recommended)

Part Two: Installation processes of MRT hardware & software

1.Installation of MRT hardware card

2.Installation of driver

3.Installation of application

4.Troubleshooting for application installation

5.Instructions of how to activate MRT tools

Part Three:Operation instructions of MRT utilities (this is the part of operation instructions of MRT utilities, it will focus on the explanation of each option)

1.Operation instructionof MRT main program  (to be updated)

2.Operation instruction of MRT common tools (to be updated)

3.Operation instruction of Data recovery tools (to be updated)

4.Operation instruction of Western Digital utility (to be updated)

5.Operation instruction of Seagate utility be updated)

6.Operation instruction of Hitachi/IBM/HGST (to be updated)

7.Operation instruction of Samsung utility (need to be set up)

8.Operation instruction of Toshiba utility (need to be set up)

9.Operation instruction of Fujitsu utility (need to be set up)

10.Operation instruction of Maxtor utility (need to be set up)

11.Operation instruction of SSD tools (need to be set up)

Part Four: manuals, tutorials, and videos of how to solve problems

In this link, there are detailed manuals, tutorials and videos of how to fix and solve practical problems, it contains the utilities of Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi, Toshiba and others, we need to revise the old parts of them and make new manuals as well as to set up new parts.

Thanks for your support again. If there is any other technical problems, you can contact our technical support for help.
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