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Get Technical Support for MRT Products

Combining years of collective knowledge and experience in data recovery, the MRT Lab Support Team provides timely and professionally technical support for all of MRT's products and solutions by email, phone, online chat, and others types of remote assistance during our business hours(9am to 5pm GMT +8). With the aid of our exceptional technical support, users can master our data recovery tools in no time.

For general questions on how to use the software, please contact us through the following contact information, in which all questions will be answered within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.
Contact Information: Click here to view

If the above methods cannot solve your questions or you are recommended to use remote sessions to solve your case (e.g. for logical and firmware recovery problems), please submit the technical support request form that's featured below. The form allows you to enter key information about your case so that the technical support team can evaluate and diagnose the problems before conducting the remote assistance session. You will be contacted within 48 hours for the available time slots for the appointment as well as will be provided with a quote for the remote session. Generally, the cost of one remote session is between 50 USD to 80 USD and is only charged when the case is solved successfully. A remote assistance session is either conducted via Teamviewer, Supremo or QQ. The first remote sessions for new users are free of charge.