1.What are the differences between MRT online version products and standalone offline version products ?
They are the same products with the same features and capabilities. The only difference is MRT online version needs to be connected to internet when in use. The standalone offline version needs no internet connection.
2.Does the product provide an upgrade service ?
Yes. We have been and will continue to upgrade the MRT software so it can support more series of HDDs and provide better functions for HDD repair and data recovery. The upgrades are scheduled periodically and will be notified to our users through newsletter and on website.
3. Will my job be interrupted if my internet is dropped while I am working on a HDD ?
No. Your job that is already started will continue to be carried out even when the internet is dropped. As a matter of fact, you do not need to connect to the internet all the time, but connect to the internet when you start the software.
4.What if I purchased MRT online version and decided later to switch to offline standalone version ?
You can upgrade MRT online version to the offline standalone version at any time by contacting us or reseller. You only need to make up the differences and installment plan interests.
For example, you have made initial down payment of $360 and 11 monthly payments ($150/month x11 months = $1650) during the first 12 months and decide to switch to offline standalone version. You will need to pay $3,810 - $360- $1650 = $1,800 in order to upgrade to the offline standalone version. But within 1 month, you decide to switch to offline standalone version. You only need to pay 3,360$ - 360$ = 3000$.
5. What is the hardware and software requirement for MRT software?
The Hardware and software compatibility list entails the computer hardware components and software that have been extensively tested with MRT products for stability and compatibility. Before you install MRT software on a computer, please refer to our latest HCL (link:http://en.mrtlab.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/MRT-hardware-and-software-compatibility-lists.pdf) to make sure your computer has the right hardware and software to ensure the best performance of MRT software.
6. What should I do if the MRT SATA controller is damaged ?
For non-human damage, we provide a free, one-year replacement (postage not included). For human damage, we charge the cost of the MRT SATA controller card.
7. Do you provide technical support ?
Yes. Due to industry features, purchasing data recovery products includes more than the actual tool. The most important aspect of our service is the instructions we provide about using our product and HDD repair technology in general. We have experienced technical support team that is committed to provide excellent technical support for MRT users.
8. Are technical support free? Where can I get technical support when I need help ?
Yes, we provide free technical support via email, QQ and Skype. We also provide remote assistance sessions on your actual HDD repair case if needed. For more details on how to get technical support, please refer to support page under User Center on our website.
9. What is the cost of remote assistance session ?
We provide remote assistance sessions as part of the after-sales service. Each remote assistance session is limited to 30 minutes. Remote assistance session will be free of charge for the first time for new customers no matter your problem is solved or not. Later ones will be charged depending on the complexity of the case and the time it takes to solve the case. The cost ranges from $50 to $80. At that time we only charge when the problem is resolved. That means no repair or no recovery, no need to pay.
10. What information does My Account show on mrtlab.com ?
MRT users can log into My Account at any time on our website. With My Account, you can extract registration code to active your device, download software, make monthly installment payment, view basic infomation of your device, download advanced tutorials and firmware and etc.
11. What does monthly recharge mean ?
MRT offers flexible installment plan for online version products. Every time MRT online users make a monthly payment, the corresponding amount(including discount) will be reflected under users’ account, the process of which is called recharge. When the users finish installment, they can upgrade the online version to the offline standalone version.
12. Can I recharge more than once within one month ? Can I pay more than one month installment in one recharge ?
Yes, you can recharge as many times as you wish within one month. You can also make multiple monthly installments in one recharge so that you do not need to remember to recharge every month.
13. Do you offer training course for MRT software ?
Yes. We have been holding advanced training courses for our users frequently in various location of China. The international course that is specifically designed to meet our global users’ needs are available for users who are able to travel to our headquarters in Wuhan, China. We also provide private seminars for users who would like to receive one-on-one guidance from the mrtlab founder, Mr. Shunxue Chen. For more training details, please email to info@mrtlab.com.
14. How do I purchase MRT product ?
You could place your order by submitting the completed online order form on www.mrtlab.com or email to sales@mrtlab.com directly about the products you are interested in. All the requests will be responded within 24 hours with detailed payment instructions.
15. What payment methods do you accept ?
We currently accept PayPal, Western Union, and direct bank transfer.
16. Do you charge additional fee for payment made via PayPal ?
No. Our price is the same regardless of the payment method our customer choose.
17. Do I need to pay the installment every month ?
We encourage you to pay monthly installment on time so yours can be upgraded to a standalone offline version early.
18. What shipping methods do you provide ?
We partner with TNT, DHL and EMS (i.e. Express Mail Service by China post service) to achieve a fast and safe delivery for our global users. Depending on our customer’s budget and preference, we can arrange the shipment by TNT, DHL or EMS. TNT and EMS is usually more affordable for shipment of multiple units.
19. What shipping information do I need to provide ?
We need your name, company name (if applicable), street address, state/province, country, zip code and most importantly, a phone number for the courier to reach you if there is any problem with delivery. For shipment to Brazil, we must be provided with the CPF number for individual or CNPJ for company purchases.