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The MRT Data Recovery Training Curriculum is a program that has been designed for the development and training of data recovery engineers from all over the world who use MRT products for HDD repair and data recovery. MRT Lab's founder, Mr. Shunxue Chen, not only has been teaching advanced data recovery classes in China for the last 10 years, but was also frequently invited to hold seminars at oversea data recovery companies such as to OGID Institute of Tokyo, Japan. Under his direction, the MRT Data Recovery Training Program strives to provide its students with a rich knowledge of Hard Disk Drives and the ability to apply the knowledge and the technical skills to undertake even the most challenging data recovery cases. Our current program is designed for data recovery engineers with sufficient experience of the MRT products and advanced knowledge in data recovery. We currently do not offer basic training programs.

Our goal is not just to teach students how to use MRT products, but more importantly, to teach them how to use MRT products to achieve a higher data recovery success rate, as well as to help our students accomplish their business goals.

Program Detail

The program includes standard four-day lectures and a one-day practice seminar. We welcome our students to bring their cases to the practice seminar so that their hands-on skills can be enhanced and that knowledge can be shared amongst the class.

Example of the MRT HDD Repair and Data Recovery Training Curriculum

Upcoming Training Sessions

MRT International Seminar in Iran in February, 2017

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