Our mission has been the same from day one.

It's to make the lives of every data recovery engineer around the world easier by providing the best-in-class tools, services, and solutions in data recovery and hard drive repair, all at an affordable rate.

We’ve come a long way.

It was in the early 2000s when Shunxue Chen, our company's founder, was operat
-ing a small, local HDD repair shop in Wuhan when he formed the desire to create
a software program that would be able to help alleviate his day-to-day challenges with HDD repair. Thus, he created what would become the first software of the MRT brand in 2005. With its ingenious, scientific, and rigorous ways of dissecting HDD firmware, it helped to revolutionize the HDD repair field, spearheading MRT Lab's emergence as one of the leading companies in the industry and causing a sensation amongst fellow programmers and technicians.

Just 4 years later in 2008, Shunxue Chen worked to further develop his HDD repair software targeting the firmware repair and data recovery for Western Digital and HITACHI HDDs. By 2011, Wuhan Situofu Technology Ltd. was officially founded, in which MRT Lab was formed as its firmware research & development team.

Since its inception, it has been an industry innovator in designing and developing electric circuit design, PCB manufacturing, low-level programs that are compatible with a wide-range of hardware, HDD firmware reverse engineering, and multiple other types of HDD software. A perfect example of its constant strive to improve its products is MRT Pro, which hit the domestic market in July of 2012. A by-product of years of in-depth research and development, it has sparked a brand new revolution in the HDD repair industry for its ability to vastly improve the work efficiency and ability of data recovery engineers through its MRT tools. Just recently in April of 2014, the English version of MRT Pro was released worldwide for all of our global users.

Today, MRT Lab has grown to become one of the world's leading suppliers of data recovery tools. Not content to rest on its laurels, MRT Lab has worked to constantly expand its global presence, resulting in an increasingly-diverse number of users that grows each and every day. MRT Lab is committed to make sure that each customer is provided with the standard of quality that we have staked our reputation on.