Third Generation of MRT Tool is released now — Gelivable MRT Ultra is for Sale Now

MRT Ultra is a new design of MRT Lab launched with brand new framework. Which the first data recovery tool to adopt PCIE2.0 interface in the world. MRT Ultra is dedicated for high quality, high speed and perfect user experience, which can be classified as high-end configuration among MRT tools.

MRT Ultra tool is released now after MRT Lab has taken great effort for more than half a year, which is third generation of MRT tool for data recovery and disk repair. MRT Ultra make a great breakthrough in speed of reading/writing firmware up to 33MByte/s, which was misunderstood to be only 2MB/s at most in industry of data recovery. This high speed is owed to high-end SATA(NCQ) technology researched by MRT Lab,which adopts UDMA method to read/write firmware. MRT Ultra also make a big progress in DE imaging up to 460MByte/s. As for hardware design, it has four SATA ports and one IDE port.

Please see below technical features of MRT Ultra;
1. Provide four SATA ports and one IDE port.
2. Theoretical speed of SATA interface is 600MB/s and measured speed is 460MB/s.
3. Support PCIE version is 2.0 4x.
4. Speed of reading/writing firmware up to 33 MB/s
5. Support 32bit and 64bit Windows operating system

MRT Ultra software version has two version-online version and offline version like MRT Pro and MRT Express. MRT users can get free access to software upgrade at present. Please contact us if you want to upgrade MRT Pro/Express to MRT Ultra.
Below is MRT Ultra SATA controller card.

MRT Ultra

MRT Ultra Hardware List: Ultra Hardware.rar
MRT Ultra Technical Features: Ultra Technical Features.rar

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