The Second MRT Data Recovery Training Program

Wuhan, China – The second MRT Data Recovery Training program was held by MRT Laboratory. Designed to appeal to industry insiders since it requires basic knowledge of data recovery, the training lessons were taught by Shunxue Chen, the Founder of MRT Lab. Through 4 days of training, trainees learned the firmware structure of hard disks and the senior principles of firmware data recovery. This knowledge greatly enhances the trainees’ understanding of firmware-level data recovery technology and makes them quite capable of dealing with difficult data recovery cases.

The second MRT Data Recovery Training program, compared to the first senior training program, added much more advanced content related to data recovery and ultimately expands upon this topic immensely. The combination of theory and practice was incorporated into this training model much more effectively. . Through theory teaching and practice training, led by Mr. Chen, all of the trainees developed a deep understanding of data recovery technology.

This training earned extremely high praise from the trainees, even more so than in the past. MRT Laboratory plans on working even harder to provide outstanding technology to the data recovery industry.

All of the trainees from the second MRT Data Recovery Training program