The Method of Linking COM Terminal Adapter (USB to Serial COM Port) to Terminal Connector

In the process of data recovery, sometimes we need to use COM port. Some HDDs, such as Seagate, Toshiha, Samsung, they provide COM port besides SATA interface, so that it could link and command HDDs through COM port when HDDs breakdown.

MRT data recovery tools provide a full set of HDD COM port fittings. It is made up by COM terminal adapter and eight terminal connectors.

COM terminal adapter:

USB(COM) Terminal Adapter


Its one side link to USB interface of computer host through data wire. The other side link to HDD through flat cable and terminal connectors.

Linking of flat cable is shown in the picture:




Pay attention to the direction of flat cable. It must the same as picture and can’t be linked reversedly. Otherwise, teh HDD couldn’t make command.

Linking from flat cable to HDD terminal connectors is shown in the picture:





Please also pay attention not to link reversedly.

Finally terminal connectors are divided into different HDD brands. As shown in the picture:

6. Instruction Head


A suit of terminal connectors include 8. They are linking together when out of the factory. It needs users to divide by themselves. These terminal connectors are corresponded to Seagate, Toshiha, Samsung, WD and so on. Every terminal connector has corresponded HDD brand, please pay attention to it.

You must use correct terminal connector to link correct HDD. Otherwise, it couldn’t make command.

One side of USB needs to be linked to computer’s USB interface through a data wire and it needs to install device driver program. Please download driver program in the following page: http://us.mrtlab.com/download/

When USB cable is linked and driver installed, it can be used. You can see there is a new serial port in device manager. Default is COM3. When linking serial port in MRT program, you select the corresponding serial port, then link it. It is finished.

Above is the method of Linking COM Terminal Adapter (USB to Serial COM Port) to Terminal Connector.