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The Fifth MRT International HDD Repair & Data Recovery Seminar Successfully Held in Iran

The fifth MRT international HDD Repair & Data Recovery seminar was successfully held in Iran on February 16, 2017. This seminar last for 4 days which included explanation of theory of HDD repair and data recovery, and practice of how to do HDD repair and data recovery.
MRT users from all around the world came to the seminar. And the successful holding of this seminar is closely related to all the technicians who give support to this seminar, including MRT founder, Mr. Shunxue Chen, technicians of MRT, the Iranian technicians, the global technicians, and especially the host of this seminar, Parse Informatic institute, who is an excellent reseller of MRT lab. The Participants who actively supported us are mentioned in the below:
Vip customer
1.Meisam Alishahi (iran)
2.Dariush Akbarzadeh(iran)
3.Seyed Hosein Ghorani(iran)
4. Kenji narita (japan)
5. Ing Yoshihara ( japan)
6.wanger aranha( Brazil)
7.didier servin( Switzerland)
8.Harem Abdulrahman Mohammed

Parse organization members:
Dr.Mehrab Pournasir
Eng.Kambiz Keshvari
Eng.Mostafa Moradian Mina
Eng.Hamid Reza Rahmani Rad
Mina Elahi
Ali Kavianfar
Amir Pournasir
Elaheh Moflehi
Sara Afrouz
Amir Hosein Naeini

MRT will hold international seminars every year no matter holding them in China or holding them in other countries with the joint efforts with other resellers. And every successful holding of the seminar can’t do without the MRT users. Here MRT would like to extend the most sincere thanks to every MRT user’s long-time support. And MRT lab has always been dedicated to improving MRT products and service. MRT will hold hands with every user and walk towards a better future!