Supplementary Tutorial of ST DM Series Virtual Start

Virtual start of DM series is a powerful function released by MRT Lab, aiming to solve difficult and complicated problems of Seagate new models. Refer to the link of: to get detailed operation process of virtual start in the forms of words and video.

With the optimization and upgrade of MRT software, we have integrated the functions we need to use in virtual start into one option without changing the process of it, making the whole operation process more convenient and more user-friendly.

There is no any change in the basic process of virtual start, but there are some slight changes in the beginning part of the operation interfaces.

1. Backup ROM, LDR, module 3D and other modules. It is extremely important to back up original ROM in advance. We can use Boot mode tool to read and save ROM, and if some of the resources can not be backed up, we can try to get from a good working disk with same model.

ST 1

2. Open “Tools->Virtual start”, load the backup ROM, click “Create virtual boot” option first, when it reports “Succeed to creat DM boot!”, then click “Write virtual boot”. The option of “Create virtual boot” is the “Virtual boot(test)” option that was previously used in Boot mode tool, but now this function is integrated to “Virtual start” dialog box. Integrating options needed in a function to the same dialog box is much more scientific and rational in interface design.

ST 2

3. When the write is done, please power off and on manually, wait terminal appears “Mrt loader”, then click “exchange commands”, it will show whether the handshake succeeded or not in task information.

ST 3

When exchange commands succeeded, we need to load module 3D, and from loading module 3D to the end part to write SA ABA, there is no any difference, please refer to the link of:

ST DM series Virtual Start Tutorial


That’s all for this supplementary tutorial, thanks for your reading!