ST 2.1.4.x How to Perform ST 3 Steps

This article will demonstrate ST 3 Steps in the form of video.In the video the drive we use is ST3320418AS belonging to 3F family.

After issue repaired,we recommend to backup all firmware resources in case of accident firmware malfunction.

This video can be regarded as not only a instructional demonstration but also a repair case which is required by many new users.

Please keep in mind that this method cannot be applied to drives of all families. For HDD of 3F family the method is available. For HDD of other families a backup of necessary firmware resources in advance is quite vital to resolve some issues especially partial access of user area.

In the video you may see some Chinese characters,which are normal circumstances because this tutorial was made under CN OS.Some dialog windows use an OS framework.When using EN OS, those will be normally displayed with English words.

Here are some basic translations:

是 = Yes/OK

否 = No/Cancel

确定 = Yes/OK

保存 = Save

取消 = Cancel

Download link of video tutorial: