Seagate 5400.6 laptop HDD factory firmware low-level format tutorial

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First we need to correct the name used in the video. The correct name of this function is factory firmware low-level format. The principle  is to write factory firmware into HDD. Compared with using original firmware, it has more functions when we operate low-level format. Specially, it will add bad tracks into Non G-list automatically, then users do not need to use  third-party software to scan disk defects and then manually add defects to Non G-list, which greatly saves time.

Here is the detailed process. First you need to write factory firmware under ATA mode. Click  menu “Tools->Disk repair tools->5400.6 factory firmware”. Second, write 1-IAP,2-TGT(TGT-Default),3-OVL,4-S_OVL,5-SFW one by one. You need to choose corresponding version when you write SFW. We can use ctrl+L to invoke the disk information under terminal,please watch the video for detailed operations. In addition, the most important firmware is TGT-Default. When you failed to write other firmware,as long as you write  TGT-Default successfully,you can still try to continue the rest steps and see if it works.

After you write factory firmware,you can start low-level format by inputting m0,8,3,,,,,22 in terminal. You will see that the displayed information is different from that of the original firmware. When low-level format finished, defects will be added into Non G-list and then bad tracks will be shielded. You will see the list if you input V40 under T-level.

Also,users can try different low-level format parameters and get the parameters of best effect.

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Tutorial download link: