Operating Procedures of MRT Paid Version Software Upgrade

Operating Procedures of MRT Paid Version Software Upgrade

Upgrade of MRT data recovery software will no longer be toll-free from November 12, 2017. User needs to extract an upgrade code in the user center before using MRT software which is released after November 12, 2017. Extract an upgrade code will charge an upgrade fee, thanks for your support to MRT all the time!

Below are some related issues about MRT paid version software upgrade and the specific operating procedures:

How much is the software upgrade fee?
$120 / upgrade. 120 dollars is for per update, not for a year.

How to upgrade the software?
The upgrade of MRT paid version software is completed by buying an upgrade code, just like buying a mobile phone recharge card. Users can access the User Center website (http://vip.mrtlab.com/en/) and then purchase the software upgrade code. Please download the latest version of MRT software after getting the upgrade code, put the upgrade code into the pop-up dialog box when software starts, then the upgrade will be done. Upgrade code purchase supports Paypal online payment, the whole process can be completed automatically without any manual help from customer service, details about how to operate please refer to later upgrade instructions.

How can we get a toll-free software upgrade?

Users can get one-year free software upgrade period after buying a new card. Free software upgrade still needs an upgrade code. But in the free period, no matter there are how many MRT paid version software upgrades, users can extract the upgrade code for free. For example, one user bought a new card in November 1. 2016, he can extract the upgrade code to the latest software version for free to November 1, 2017. But after November 1, 2017, he needs to pay for the software upgrade code. Please noted that, the one-year free period is calculated from the date of acquisition, if the user does not extract the upgrade code during the free period, then he needs to pay the upgrade fee after the free period is finished. So please remember to extract the upgrade code during your free period. Note that the one-year free upgrade period only applies to the purchase of new hardware card users, upgrade hardware card users please refer to the second situation:

What is the definition of MRT software version number?
MRT software version number will be defined as 2.1.A.x from this upgrade, the prefix 2.1 will remain unchanged, the third digit A indicates the number of paid upgrades, such as this paid upgrade is 2.1. 1.x, the next charge upgrade will be 2.1.2.x, generally the upgrade only be charged when there are new major functions and features, and it will increase the number of third digit A. During paid software upgrades, there will also be some small upgrades, small upgrade is free, and the number of fourth digit X will be increased then. For example, this paid upgrade version number is, if next upgrade is a small free upgrade, the version number will be It should be noted that users need to upgrade to first, then can he/she use for free, which means users need to upgrade to 2.1.1.x, then can he/she use all the following free small upgrades in the version of 2.1.1.x.

Can software upgrade skip (skip one specific version to its later version)? What is the cost when we want to skip? Can I run a lower version software after upgrading to a higher version?
Yes, we can. MRT is very flexible in this, without any restrictions. For example, user’s current version is 2.1.1.x, the new paid upgrade is 2.1.2.x, if a user find this version doesn’t have functions he/she wants, he/she does not have to upgrade the software. If next paid software upgrade is 2.1.3.x, we only charge 120 dollars for this upgrade(we will not charge upgrade fee of that skip version). In addition, lower version users can’t operate higher version software, but higher version users can operate any lower version softwares. Such as 2.1.3.x version users can operate 2.1.1.x and 2.1.2.x, it is very flexible.
Data recovery market is a time-sensitive market, each of our software upgrade will keep up with the most common hard disk problems and the latest technologies. Users who keep up with MRT software upgrades can get our latest technologies and solutions in the first time, so that to solve the faults that others can’t, this will have pioneering advantages in the data recovery market, the commercial interests will also greatly exceed the MRT upgrade costs. The best product of iPhone is always the next one, but iPhone users will not wait for the next version, they will choose the most suitable one. So we recommend users to upgrade MRT products to the latest version according to their needs and get our newest technical results at any time.

Can online version software be upgraded? How about repair version? Can we keep using current version all the time? How to get the currently used software version?
Software upgrade is the upgrade in software level, not directly related to online version or repair version. Online version users can also upgrade the software, do not have to pay full amount to offline version, so does repair version. Software upgrades only need to extract an software upgrade code. Now users can extract various types of upgrade code in MRT User Center, such as software upgrade code, online version to offline version upgrade code, etc., different type of upgrade code has different purpose , please correctly extract needed upgrade code. Users can keep using current version all the time, and there wont be any influence. Online version users can also recharge even do not upgrade the software, once recharge to the full amount, it also can turn to offline version normally. But we recommend users to upgrade, then you can use the latest features and functions, in addition, online version users also have one-year free upgrade period.

To see which software version you are currently using, log in the User Center ,go to My Device, then you can see the version number of your device. For details, please refer to the following tutorials.

How to evaluate paid upgrade policy?
With paid software upgrade, MRT will have more resources to invest in product development and develop more and better functions, which will promote the virtuous circle in data recovery industry. At present, a well-known foreign data recovery software charges its upgrades all the time. Even if MRT software charges to upgrade, the upgrade costs is much lower than similar foreign softwares, it is very cost-effective.

Users can compare MRT with similar foreign software in paid upgrade policy, it is obvious that our cost is the lowest and we accept skip upgrade. New-card users also have one- year free upgrade period, all offers and policy are favorable. Furthermore, all the upgrade can do by users themselves, do not have to contact resellers, which is very convenient. It has obvious advantages compared to similar foreign software upgrades.

Seems like paid upgrade increases users’ costs, but actually it reduces costs. Some companies in China once announced “permanent free upgrades” to attract users, but product upgrades gradually paused because the lack of economic benefits due to free upgrade, and finally completely stopped the update. Since the old products stopped update, users have to spend money to buy a new product in order to support the new hard drive, the costs increased in fact. The so-called “permanent free upgrades” violates the laws of the market economy. MRT’s proper paid upgrade states that we will maintain the long-term product line and upgrade the product for a long time, we will not let our users waste money. MRT will provide users better technologies and services to let users’ paid upgrade worth the money.

Below are the detailed operating procedures of MRT paid version software upgrade:

Users can download the software package in “MRT Software Download and Upgrade Log” interface. Download link: http://us.mrtlab.com/download/

upgrade 1

Click OK, there will pop up the upgrade hardware card dialog box:

upgrade 2

Then we need to log into MRT user center (http://vip.mrtlab.com/en/), find the MRT card you want to upgrade in “My Devices” and click “Upgrade”, choose the upgrade type as “Software version upgrade” in the pop-up new page, as shown in the picture:

upgrade 3

After select, click “Next” to verify the upgrade information. You can see the upgrade cost of TAWG3006 is 0, because this card is purchased within a year, so the upgrade is free, if the purchase date is more than one year, click to extract the upgrade code, the corresponding software upgrade costs will be deducted from the account. So for those users who need to pay the upgrade costs, the account balance must be enough  to pay the software upgrade costs, if the balance is insufficient, please click “account recharge” link to recharge first.

upgrade 4

Make sure the upgrade information is correct, then click “Submit”, it will appear the following information:


We copy and paste the upgrade code to the dialog box, as shown below:

upgrade 6

Finally click “upgrade”, when it appears the notice of “hardware card upgrade success”, our software upgrade is completed.

upgrade 7

If we want to know the highest version our hardware can use, we can inquire in the user center of MRT official website. Find the MRT hardware card we want to query in “My Devices” move the mouse to “recharge / full / month” column, we can find the highest software version of the hardware card, click “Download “, we can download the corresponding highest version to this card

upgrade 8

Above are all information about charge software upgrade, wish all MRT users own a good business!