MRT User Material – WD USB-SATA 2020.07

The article has updated some information about WD PCB, including the details as to the relevance between USB board and SATA board especially for the board version 80000xx released in recent years.

Those PCB of 80000xx version can be divided into two categories: one with firmware lock; and the other without firmware lock, the price difference between which could be prodigiously huge.

In order to gain access to firmware resources, it is necessary to replace the original USB board of the WD 2.5 inch mobile drive with a corresponding SATA board without firmware lock. And in some rare cases, few SATA drives with firmware lock also have to be replaced with corresponding SATA board without firmware lock, if we intend to access the service area of the drive.

We will upload a relevant file on our website for user to take as a reference and it is free to modify and save.

It contains a table that details the relevance between each USB board and SATA board and a collection of 80000xx board versions. The firmware working mechanism has been more and more complicated since the firmware lock emerges, and we believe this would be the trend of the development of drives in the future. So, we collected the information about those board versions and posted it in the file uploaded for the convenience of our users.

The figure below lists part of the board version relevance. For more details, please refer to the document uploaded:

Download link of document: