MRT software version update log

June 6th, 2018

MRT 2123 version, version:

– Upgrade the driver of Ultra, optimize the size of buffer
– Increase system stability
– This is a paid version.

WD utility, upgrade to
– Add USB decryption type of SW6316XTS (1927)
– Add support to new family PebbleB
– Add more series’ writing/reading ROM under Boot Rom mode, including series of 1640-003v,1574,1931 etc.
– Add function of loading module 411 to RAM (under function of loading LDR)
– Add function of enabling module 411
– Add function of disabling module 411
– Add function of collecting defects of user sector via CHS address
– Add function of enabling/disabling module 02
– Add function of enabling/disabling module 30
– Add reading/ writing by RAM shortcut button in right side toolbar, modules can be opened via RAM in module list
– Add shortcut menu of turning on and off the service area
– Add function of loading module list from disk and loading LDR automatically
– Add function of repairing slow response in RAM
– Add function of uploading module 02 to RAM (under function of loading module list from disk )
– Add function of closing SA access in RAM
– Add function of opening SA access in RAM
– Add function of creating new module
– Add function of modifying module size
– Add function of deleting module
– Optimize function of editing ROM head map, drives with 10 heads now can be supported
– Optimize SPT acquisition logic to support drives with 10 heads
– Optimize function of module list to support new module list structure

Samsung utility, upgrade to
– Add RAM head map editing function
– Add function of head map setting (in source download interface), can be used to shield head along with burn test function
– Add function of viewing ROM information, displaying ROM type, ROM verification, FIPS address size, Platform Id, headmap and other information
– Add function of reading FIPS module
– Add function of writing FIPS module
– Add function of clearing FIPS module
– Add function of entering/exiting Debug mode
-Optimize terminal reading and writing interface
– Optimize function of burn in test
– Modify family selection interface, add enter/exit Debug mode button and auto detect family button

Seagate F3 utility, upgrade to:
– Add support of unlocking to new families of: ID55(LM010), ID59(VM003), ID72(LM024), ID79(VM003), ID87(LM028,LM030), ID91(NM0055), ID94(DM002), ID9B(DM004,DM005)
– Add support of high baud rate in virtual start, reduce virtual start time (exclude families ID59, ID 94 etc.).
– Add support of virtual start to new families of: ID55(LM010), ID59(VM003), ID63(NM0033), ID75(LT012), ID76(LT032), ID81(LM033,LM034), ID87(LM028,LM030), ID8C(LM007,LM035,LM048), IDA5(LM035,LM048), ID94(DM002)
– Add virtual start option of Patch_ERR_WriteLDR to solve the problem that LM series can’t write LDR (ERR in SATA status), the specific families are ID81, ID87, ID8C, IDA5
– Added patch function of family ID72-Kahuna_5400-SSHD (LM000, LM014) to solve the problem that no commands can be executed in serial port
– Add support of reading/writing of drives with 4K service area
– Add support of writing system file via ABA mode, providing a new method to solve user sector access interruption malfunctions, the specific families are ID8C(LM035),IDA5(LM048)
– Add 4K detection of service area via ATA and serial modes
– Add head adaption of Yarra1D(5F), Yarrar5400(75), Moose(27)
– Add the number of drive heads that need to be initialized during initialization
– Add 8M judgment of ROM size of families ID81(LM033,LM034),ID87(LM028,LM030)
– Add function of head shielding of 9YN164 series of family ID58, and support to family ID59( shield head 0 is not supported, and must remain no less than 2 heads)
– Add function of head shielding of family ID40 (Currently only supports hard drives with four heads)
– Add function of modifying model of family ID75 (LT012) (by modifying module or corresponding system file)
– Add function of shielding ZONE ( by modifying ROM)
– Add function of shielding head automatically (only generation 12 can be supported)
– Add function of refreshing and writing of ROM tools
– Optimize the naming rules of ROM saving (Data+Serial Number+Time)
– Optimize the judgment rules of entering BootCode mode
– Optimize the judgment rules of creating LDR
– Fix LED malfunction when backup system file
– Fix malfunction when baud rate is over 460800
– Fix 4K address transition when adding defects to G-list
– Fix malfunction in virtual start that sometimes empty ROM will be written
– Fix malfunction that sometimes options of reloading modules, system files can’t be selected
– In family panel, it shows supported important features of each family
– Integrate functions of firmware unlock and modify model into ROM tools
– Integrate function of ROM adaption into ROM tools
– Add ROM tool, RAM operation into shortcuts bar
– Delete firmware unlock mode one

DE utility, upgrade to:
– Add map function
– Add function of exporting data to specified target hard drives
– Add function of exporting data to specified target folders
– Add function of exporting list map to binary format
– Add function of exporting binary to list map format
– Add function of choosing random image address
– Add function of file analysis calculator
– Add function of operating target tasks individually
– Add support of VHDX type of the target virtual disk
– Add support of target virtual disk under 64-bit system
– Add option to save bad file or not save
– Optimize function of mounting when browsing tasks
– Fix enumeration display of VHD devices under 64-bit system
– Fix the wrong name of the saved bad folder

Toshiba utility, upgrade to
– Add support of 3.5’’MG04ACA series
– Add support to 2.5”MQ03ABF075 series

Hitachi ARM utility, upgrade to
– Add 3.5”HU_7240AL series
– Add 3.5”HUA7230ALA6 series

– Database utility, upgrade to
-Optimize function of opening and closing logic
-Optimize function of searching