MRT HDD Data Recovery Technique Training National Tour – Nanchang

Nanchang, China – The national training tour was co-hosted by MRT Laboratory and Nanjing WD Science and Technology Company. The keynote speakers will be the Technical Director of Nanjing WD Science and Technology Company and Mr Shunxue Chen, the Founder of MRT Laboratory. The training that will be provided will be extremely valuable for all MRT users, data recovery technicians, the technical department of public security, training institutions, hard disk lovers, computer repair field engineers, and so on. It is not only free, but will also include an exquisite gift for every trainee.. The training lasts for 3 days and will be held in the Vienna Hotel in Ruzi Road, Computer City, Nanchang in theJiangxi Province.

Companies that will attend the training include Nanchang Huasong Electron Company and Nanchang Huicheng Science and Technology Company, which are both famous data recovery companies in Nanchang. Additional companies that will attend are: Hefei Aite Science and Technology Data Recovery Company, Xi’an HDD REG Recovery Center, Shanghai BeiSite Science and Technology, Dongguan Bangni Computer, Nanjing Xuzhong Science and Technology, Changsha GuaiLaotou Science and Technology, Wuhan Huaren Science and Technology, as well as many more.

The training has been designed to introduce the working principles of various brands’ HDDs and the technology of how to use MRT to recover data from both simple and complex cases. The first day will introduce the basic theories of HDDs, while the second and third days will introduce senior courses which cover everything from repair techniques to the solutions of difficult HDD problems. This training course will help trainees to increase their skills in being able to breakdown, repair, and analyze HDDs on their own. They will also be able to gain valuable experience through practicing how to use the MRT software. The free part of this training will be provided byWD Science and Technology Company in the HDD data recovery field, and the next part will be in another city according to the users’ needs.

While industry insiders are all aware of the PC3000 data recovery tool that is made in Russia,it is hard for Chinese users to master because of the English interface and non – technical support that accompanies it. MRT’s data recovery software has become widespread in China and has earned the approval of users because it not only provides cutting edge technology, but also exemplary customer service.

In order to improve the satisfaction of MRT users, the MRT data recovery training focuses on providing convenience for users. Users will not have to worry about not being to use a tool, and they will be able to solve any issues in training, as well as study relevant data and the firmware of the system. The training has been developed to mimic realistic events.

Group Photo of 3rd MRT HDD Data Recovery Technique Training of WD Technology