MRT Data Recovery Training in Nanjing

Nanjing, China – MRT Laboratory and Nanjing WD Science and Technology Company successfully hosted a MRT Nanjing data recovery training course, in which over 30 trainees participated. The training course featured an abundant amount of content and provided detailed practical experience. As a result, t was highly praised by trainees. Through the training, they learned about various data recovery technologies, including the new repair method for Western Digital HDDs. Based off of many years of accumulated knowledge , MRT Laboratory was able to create a unique and efficient hard disk repair plan for Western Digital. Trainees found that if they use the function of MRT data recovery tool completely, they don’t need to find a back-up disk to do heat exchange when they repair Western Digital hard disks. After training, the data recovery success rate of trainees showed great improvement, a clear indication of the success of this training program.

Group photo of all participants in this training class