Introduction of MRT Express & MRT Data Recovery Software Version

A new version of MRT data recovery software is released on May 13th, 2015. Version number is

Download link of English version:

Below is an introduction of version.

MRT Pro supports 64-bit windows operating system now. With the expansion of memory capacity, traditional 32-bit operating system can no longer support memory with greater capacity than 4GB. So it is a main trend to upgrade to 64-bit system in data recovery industry. With this hardware and software upgrade, MRT Pro can support 64-bit windows system.

MRT Lab released the new MRT Express two-port card on May 14th. The card adopts new framework that integrates power module on one single circuit board with less interference, faster speed and greater stability. Working with MRT software of the newest version, it supports 64-bit system and multiple processes.

With support for multiple processes, users can run more than one MRT processes at the same time, with each attached to specified ATA interface. For example, users can attach the first MRT process to ATA0, attach the second to ATA1. They can run independent utility on each MRT process without interfering each other. For example, the first process use DE to copy data in ATA0, while the second process repairs hard drive in ATA1 with MRT utility. In this way, if the program crashes by mis-operation in ATA1 process, the ATA0 process will not be affected. In addition, it will be much more convenient for users’ multi-task operation with processes attached to different ATA ports. This feature is particularly useful when repairing more than one hard disks.

The new MRT Express SATA controller card supports 64-bit system and multiple processes. It has been released. MRT users can get their MRT Pro cards changed to the new MRT Express cards. Please contact us for more details if you’re interested.

DE adds support for Persian codes and some other languages in this upgrade. Users can extract files named by various languages. WD utility can support Draco,Giant,Bigbear families now. We also add support for MQ01ABD family in Toshiba utility. Users can shield head (cut head) in Toshiba with MRT Pro. Since this upgrade, all MRT installation files contain digital signature of MRT Lab. In this way, the identity of software publisher can be confirmed so as to reduce the possibility of being blocked by anti-virus software by mistake. So the 64-bit driver of MRT new hardware card is also digitally signed to make sure that it can be loaded by system properly.

Serial number of MRT hardware card English version: SAWGXXXX, SNWGXXXX

Serial number of MRT hardware card Chinese version: SAWXXXX, SNWXXXX

Since this version, MRT hardware card English version can only work with English software. MRT hardware card Chinese version can only work with Chinese software. Otherwise, there will report “Language Error!”.

Above is introduction of this upgrade. Please check upgrade log for more details.

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