Created by the innovators at MRT LABORATORY, MRT Pro is a combination of software and hardware that specializes in both HDD repair and data recovery. Comprised of two parts, the hardware aspect has a special MRT SATA controller card, as well as some additional accessories. On the software side, MRT has various specialized tools for professional IT and digital forensic experts, including a “data explore” feature. In order to better understand what makes MRT special, it’s important to get an overview of the product itself.

The MRT SATA controller card uses the PCIE slot to provide two SATA interfaces and one IDE interface. The two SATA interfaces comply with the SATA 2.0 standard, and the maximum data transfer speed is 150MB/sec. The IDE interface complies with the UDMA66 standard, the maximum data transfer speed is 66MB/sec, and it can provide complete bandwidth for HDD transfer.

As mentioned, it does contain a myriad of additional accessories, with both advanced programmer tools and a terminal serial port. The terminal serial port is a subsidiary USB to UART adapter that was tailored by MRT to allow for the repairing of all HDD content. The reason why MRT has chosen to improve the USB to UART adapter in terms of its coding and structure is that many of the products that UNMA has produced don’t work with certain HDDs. One such example is any of the post twelfth generation Seagate HDDs, mainly because of design errors.

The programmer tools of MRT allows for the ROM chip contained in HDDs to be read easily and subsequently programmed. Furthermore, the software isn’t only limited to HDDs. Our users can be confident in the fact that every ROM chip that complies with the SPI interface will be able to be read and programmed over. This makes things much easier in many cases. Take, for instance, if a computer has a BIOS chip. MRT’s programming tools would be fully compatible with it.

The MRT data recovery software has been upgraded to a 2.0 version. The new version is functional with WD, Seagate, Hitachi (including the original series and the newer ARM series), Toshiba, Fujitsu, Samsung, and Maxtor utilities. The software will also function with the latest DE tools that are used to image a disk and explore documents. The new DE greatly improves the handling mechanism for bad sectors while also tapping into SATA’s high-speed data transfer ability.

In addition to containing all the features that our competitor’s product has, the MRT WD utility also has the ability to automatically generate ROM. It can support all series of HDDs and allows for convenient replacement of the printed circuit board (PCB) when the ROM on the original PCB is not functional. This utility can also generate an 03 module and allows for convenient repair of the same module.

One of the most common problems that plagues the users in recovering data from WD HDDs is that the HDD often won’t run properly, meaning that the devise cannot get ready, module lists can’t be read and that most operations can’t be completed. When this occurs, our competitor’s product gets around the issue only through the use of hot-swap procedure. This is a cumbersome process to conduct, however, while also leading to a minimal rate of recovery. In order to improve upon this, MRT has added a particular diagnostic function that allows for a higher recovery rate and an easier process to administer. With this feature you can create a virtual firmware area and explore it with the diagnostic model.

The MRT Seagate utility contains full read and write functions for all sectors and is compatible with all types of HDDs. With its current version, users are able to use the read and write Service Area (SA) ABA function and can even allow for the operation of Seagate HDDs when there’s an issue with recognizing the HDD or getting the HDD ready. As a result, the ability to repair any firmware damage can be sped up.

MRT’s software is so advanced that it also has the most current translator recovery tools that are available, all of which can repair the common bad sector problems with Seagate HDDs (i.e. none of the sectors following certain functional sectors are accessible). Once the translator recovery tools are understood properly, the repair rate can regularly exceed or match a rate of 90%. This is all enhanced by the MRT Seagate utility’s option to allow for terminal serial port data to be copied for the majority of series that are available. For example, if a Seagate HDD can’t be fixed and repaired properly, the users can still analyze the data that is contained in the terminal model as a backup for data recovery, provided that the terminal serial port is functioning. For recovering data in cumbersome HDDs, this can be a great alternative option.

It’s well-known that the Seagate F3 series HDDs experience a high rate of breakdowns, many of which are due to errors in coding. Some examples are DWF breakdowns, LED errors, SIM error, read and write subsystem errors, and overlay errors with terminal reports. For users, this requires a high level of experience and technical expertise to repair all of these issues. In order to make the process easier, MRT Laboratory has devised various repair methods that are universal in nature. Users will discover that they can now use some of the same operating procedures through the software to start working on repairing the particular problem. This is irregardless of having to spend time first on discovering some of the background issues of the problem or even having to learn how a specific module has to be prepared. Instead, the universal repair methods can be quickly used, leading to higher productivity and better results.
One of the other updates in the software is that, Hitachi now has a virtual translator function that can be used to resolve the common bad sector issues with the Hitachi ARM series. Second, with Toshiba, it now has the ability to read and write the CP module in the ATA way at a fast speed. The latest series are compatible, and there isn’t the need to connect it to the terminal serial port.

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